Spanish letters are all feminine: e.g., la jota.

Letters with accents are spelled: e.g.  i con acento  ().

Most to least frequent in Spanish writings: E A O S R N I D L C T U M P B G V Y Q H F Z J X W K; vowels are about 45% of the total.

¿cómo se escribe tu apellido? – how do you write your surname?

se escribe ...
  sound                 alternative name(s)
Spanish English
a a ah  
b be bay be larga / be alta / be grande
c ce thay  
d de day  
e e ay  
f efe ef-ay  
g ge hay (back of throat)  
h hache achay  
i i ee i latina
j jota hota (back of throat)  
k ka kah  
l ele el-ay  
m eme em-ay  
n ene en-ay  
ñ eñe eny-ay  
o o oh  
p pe pay  
q cu ku  
r erre er-ay  
s ese ess-ay  
t te tay  
u u oo  
v uve oo vay ve corta / ve chica / ve baja
w doble uve     doblay oo vay uve doble / doble ve / doble u
x equis ay keese (as dos equis)  
y ye yay i griega (ee griega)
z zeta theta  

No longer treated as single letters or digraphs:
  sound                 alternative name(s)
Spanish English
ch che chay ce hache (thay achay)
gu ge u hay oo  
ll elle ayyay doble ele
qu cu u ku oo  
rr doble erre doblay eray  

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