This page includes various ‘unexpected’ Spanish idioms (locuciónes) and phrases that were felt to be especially useful and relevant. Since there are potentially hundreds (thousands?) there’s an attempt to order these so ‘most likely to be used’ at the top, and in particular a ‘top ten’ is identified, as suggested by Kevin.

Top ten

tener ganas de (hacer) ... – to feel like (doing) something

darse cuenta de – to realize/understand

de repente – suddenly, all of a sudden

¡al fin!, ¡por fin! – at last!

hacer cola – to queue up, stand in line

tardé tres horas – it took me three hours

de acuerdo – agreed

no hace falta que ... – there is no need for ...

valer la pena – to be worth while, be worth it

¡ahora mismo! – right now!

no me importa tener que esperar – I don’t mind having to wait



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