llevar – to take

Regular -ar verb.

To take, carry, wear

llévate los libros a tu casa – take these books to your house

te llevo en coche – I’ll take you in the car,

¿qué llevas ahí? – what’s that you’ve got there?

no llevaba nada he had nothing on (he was wearing nothing)

llevar tiempo – to take time

To cope with, to be in charge of, to be older

¿cómo lleva lo de quedarse sin trabajo? – how’s he coping with (‘wearing’) losing his job?

ella lleva la empresa – she runs the business

te llevo cinco años – I’m five years older than you

To drive

lleva un Seat rojo – he drives a red Seat

llevar a – to take, lead

este camino te lleva al bar – this road takes you to the bar

esto me lleva a pensar que... – this leads me to think that...

llevarse – get, win, get along

se llevó un buen susto – he got quite a shock

se lleva bien con sus padres – he gets on well with his parents

+ various idioms

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