para y por

Difference between para and por ...


for (for [someone or something], destination, endpoint, purpose, for use, for [specific time], for effect);

“for→to”, “in order to”

Ety: para (prep.) for. [Probably from OSp. pora, por + a (L. per: through, for + L. ad: to, toward), influenced by OSp.  par – by.]

¿Para qué? – “Why?” (for to what [purpose]?)

para que – so that; cierra la puerta para que no entre el perro – shut the door so that the dog doesn’t get in (entre here is subjunctive)

para mí – for (to) me; para mí, un Rioja – for me, a glass of Rioja

Miguel compró el regalo para María – he bought the gift for to [give to] María (cf. below)

Se usa para + Inf – it is used for; Se usa para saber adónde van – One uses it (map) for to know / [knowing] where to go.

¿A qué hora sale el próximo tren para Sevilla? – When does the next train leave for (to) Seville?

... un billete para Málaga, para mañana – ... a ticket for Málaga, for to-morrow

Trabajo para una empresa electrónica – I work for an electronics firm

para las nueve – for (to be done by) nine o’clock

necesito la presentación para el viernes – I need the presentation by/on Friday.

nos encontramos para el desayuno – we meet (ourselves) for breakfast

...para el aparitivo – for an aperitif

Pienso que ella se ve muy joven para su edad – I think she looks very young for her age


for (on behalf of), for the sake of, through, by, per, via, because of, for cause (reason), in place of, duration/in time of, for exchange of;


Ety:  por (prep.) by (agent); for (on behalf of); through (motion); about to [VL. por from L. prō: for, before.]

¿Por qué? – “Why?” (because of what [reason]?)

por mí – for on behalf of me; as far as I am concerned

por avión – by/per air

Miguel compró el regalo por María – he bought the gift on María’s behalf (because she could not)

Trabajo por diversión – I work for fun

Hemos quedado por el centro – we have stayed at (of) the centre

Estudié por dos horas – I studied for two hours

por la mañana – for (in/of); por la mañana bebo café – of a morning I drink coffee

¿Por dondé vivías tu? – Where did you (used to) live?

Te compro eso por €20 – I sell you that for €20



tres por dos, seis – three twos are six

diez por ciento – ten percent

porque (conjunc) – because, in order that, so that

porqué (nm) – cause, reason; nunca sabremos el porqué – we’ll never know why/the reason


para : por perhaps similar relationship as estar : ser ...?

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