pronouns table

Pronouns (in tabular form).  See pronouns for a few examples.

person Subject Prepositional
(after para, etc.)
Reflexive Direct
 1st  yo (I) m (me) me (myself) me (me) me (to me)
 2nd  t (you fam.) / vosti (you fam.) te (yourself fam.) te (you fam.) te (to you fam.)
 3rd  usted (you)
l (he, it)
ella (she, it)
s (himself, etc.) se (yourself,
    himself, herself,
    oneself, itself)
lo (you, him, it)
la (you, her, it)
le (him, usted)††
le (to you, to him,
    to her, to it)
(Changes to se
before lo, le, etc.)
 1st  nosotros (we) nosotros (we) nos (ourselves) nos (us) nos (to us)
 2nd  vosotros (you fam.) vosotros (you fam.) os (yourselves fam.) os (you fam.) os (to you fam.)
 3rd  ustedes (you)
ellos (they)
ellas (they)
s (themselves, etc.) se (yourselves,
los (you, them)
las (you, them)
les (to you, to them)
(Changes to se
before lo, le, etc.)

vos is used instead of t in parts of Latin America (Central, Argentina, etc.); this is voseo.

†† le as a direct object pronoun is lesmo – used in much of Spain and accepted by RAE (unlike les as a direct object pronoun).  Used as either ‘him’ (a masculine person) or ‘formal you’ (a sort of neuter and polite you).


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