special characters

Various notes on special characters.
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Spanish English
@ arroba at-sign Can mean ‘at’ (e.g., 5 botellas @ 10 euros), or in e-mail addresses, or the ‘unisex’ character (e.g., muchach@s for muchachos y muchachas) [originally shorthand for L ad]
# numeral hash also almohadilla  (pincushion)
/ barra slash  
\ barra inversa backslash also barra invertida or diagonal invertida
* asterisco asterisk  
, coma comma also to indicate decimal: tres coma cinco – 3.5
; punto y coma semicolon  
dos puntos colon used to end a formal letter salutation; Querida Ana:
punto point full stop, period
‘ ’ comilla inverted comma  
" comillas inverted commas  

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