compound verb forms

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This page attempts to summarise the main Spanish compound verb forms (two-part verb tenses), with, for each one,

– the common Spanish name, along with the English name(s)

– verb form (how it is constructed from two words)

– typical (but not all) uses

– example for a regular verb (hablar)

– link to more information and examples (not always recently reviewed).

See also verb forms for simple conjugations.

pretérito perfecto  (present perfect indicative)

he hablado, has hablado, ha hablado, hemos hablado, habéis hablado, han hablado
See also Past tenses.

presente continuo  (present progressive, present continuous indicative)

estoy hablando, estás hablando, está hablando, estamos hablando, estáis hablando, están hablando
See also Present tenses.

pluscuamperfecto  (pluperfect, past perfect)

había hablado, habías hablado, había hablado, habíamos hablado, habíais hablado, habían hablado
See also Past tenses.

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