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The Microcomputer Kit shipped with various items of documentation (in addition to an invoice and Compliments slip):
  • A User’s manual (this PDF should be printed duplex and then folded). This comprises a comprehensive description of programming the machine, including an instruction set reference, example programs, and a manual listing of the firmware (the monitor). All text in this manual is in uppercase.

    Later kits shipped with this Errata (date and original source of this are unknown).

  • A Technical manual (here’s the Contents page/Front cover, and here’s the full PDF of the manual). This includes parts lists and other hardware details, including construction hints and tips (and an errata slip, added to the back).

  • A Price List, dated March 1979. Note that in this list the prices are in British Pounds (then worth about $2.12 US) and do not include Value Added Tax (VAT, then 8%).

  • Schematics for both boards.

Here’s the Cover of the User’s manual:

          manual cover (Spot the typo; click for a larger PDF image.)

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